The iPad and Android app, which supports the ‘Phonological Awareness’ in turkish learning toddlers !


İlk Şarkılarım (Fırst Songs) iOS/Androıd    download on the appstore resim

This application was developed to serve as a fun turkish learning app, for toddlers & kids. The program teaches the phonetic sounds of each letter through a multi-sensory approach.

aslan onden

The toddlers see the letter, hear the sound, listen to the song, watch the animation, they watch the moves of the song and can do the actions as they join in with the song.

Each letter has a phonic sound, a song, and a story that is told by fun characters. The phonetic sound is repeated in the song and the actions of the song can be also learned.

This can be used especially for young turkish learners aging from 2-5 and especially for those toddlers who learn turkish as a second language.

If you want to contribute in our donation program where we try to send this app to otheraraba tek turkish preschools and kids who can not afford this pack, please email  us : info@balabup.com

please contact us for orders larger then 20 units.

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